We offer reactivation of your spent carbon at our own facilities. Good news for you and the environment.

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Reactivated carbon is an efficient, cost-effective alternative to virgin activated carbon.

Thermal reactivation and reuse have grown in popularity. You save money because reactivated carbon is much cheaper that virgin carbon. At our facilities, adsorbed organics are destroyed during the thermal process and the activated carbon’s adsorptive capacity is restored up to 95% of the original levels. New carbon is added to make up for any minor loss during at the process and the rejuvenated carbon is returned to your plant and reinstalled. And you won’t need to worry about the long-term liability of disposal.

We have two reactivation plants, in California and New York, that meet stringent environmental standards. Our regeneration facility in California is NSF 61 Certified for reactivating carbon for drinking water purposes. We also handle disposal of spent activated carbon at these facilities.

Reactivated carbon is an efficient, cost-effective alternative to virgin activated carbon.

Call us for spent carbon removal, replacement, transportation, and reactivation or disposal services.

Quality and Safety

For quality and safety reasons, we don’t accept any spent carbon until it has has been tested and approved for reactivation. You can be sure that our reactivated carbon meets all the performance levels of the original carbon and is completely safe to handle and fully effective for use.

  • All regenerated products are put through the same QA testing process that we use for our virgin media.
  • Your reactivated carbon is screened to your specified mesh size.
  • The moisture content won’t exceed 5% by weight
  • Your spent carbon is kept separate, and custom reactivated; you get back the same activated carbon you sent for regeneration

Stock Management Services

No need to store excess carbon at your plant. Our large warehouse facilities allow us to hold extra carbon stock for our customers for quick delivery to your premises.

You can reuse your own carbon after having it reactivated, become part of a carbon pool, or start fresh with virgin carbon each time.

And the environment wins, too.

  • Reactivation takes a waste product with potential liability and recovers it as a reusable asset.
  • Reactivation produces only about 20% of the greenhouse gases generated in making
    virgin activated carbon.
  • Activated carbon’s reactivation capability is nearly infinite so it needn’t end up in a landfill or

We offer free technical advice and lab testing to ensure that you get the right product
for your project specifications. Please contact our experts today.