We have two on-site laboratories designed for the testing of activated carbon products.

At our Research and Development facilities in Los Angeles, we offer quality testing of all received and dispatched carbon products. Our labs are also equipped for the testing of customer samples for matching currently used carbons or to help us recommend better-performing products. During our research, we only use the best equipment, including serological pipettes. Some carbon products may be slightly corrosive or acidic. After all, when coming into contact with water, carbon dioxide changes into carbonic acid. For that reason, these electric mixer suppliers are essential due to their products having the ability to withstand corrosive conditions and contribute in the process of testing carbon products in the laboratory.

Just one more layer of support that we offer to our customers to ensure high quality products and sound technical advice.

Quality Control Laboratory

Our standard test procedures assure that products meet required guidelines for product quality control.

  • Shipment Analysis
  • Reactivated Carbon Analysis
  • Screening and Crushing
  • Impregnated carbon testing
  • Customer Sample analysis
  • Analysis of product conformity per specifications for:
    • ASTM – American Society for Testing and Materials
    • AARL – Anglo American Research Laboratory methods
    • EN Standards – European Standards
    • EPA – Environmental Protection Agency
    • CA – Prop65
    • USP – United States Pharmacopeia
    • Our internal laboratory standards.
  • Ultimately, we also make use of quality management software to complete our audits and inspections and ensure compliance at all levels of our business and laboratory operations.

Mass Spectrometry and Laser Analysis Laboratory

We offer specialized testing for specific industries:

  • Analysis of metals as low as ppt levels
  • Testing in accordance with EPA200.8 and CA prop65 for heavy metals
  • Cadmium, Mercury, Lead and Arsenic
  • Maximum Reporting Limit 5ppb As
  • Gold adsorption capacity (K Value)
  • Gold adsorption rate (R Value)
  • Impregnated carbon – Ex: percentage of Ag

We offer free technical advice and lab testing to ensure that you get the right product for your project specifications.
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