Quick changeouts with our own certified staff and equipment get you back online.

Get a fast, safe changeout with our own certified staff and equipment

One source exchange services

Our expert techs use our own specialized equipment to complete your changeout, supplying you with freshly activated carbon and removing the used carbon from your site. Our teams are trained and certified for both hazmat and non-hazmat work.

We guarantee professional and safe handling of your used carbon by using our mobile suction and conveying systems to eliminate any possible dust contamination of the surrounding area.

At our facilities, we thermally restore the carbon to its original adsorptive levels, adding virgin carbon to replace any volume lost during at the process. The rejuvenated carbon is then transported back to your plant for reuse.

Our activated carbon exchange services include:
•    Professional disassembly and reassembly of the filter casing if necessary to access filter
•    Dust-free removal of used carbon with our mobile suction units
•    Visual inspection of the filter
•    Sampling used carbon
•    Refilling the filter or vessel with fresh carbon – additional dust removal
•    Testing for leakage
•    Transporting used carbon to our recycling facility for reactivation
•    Analysis to suggest ways to optimize your process

Stock management services

No need to store excess carbon at your plant. Our large warehouse facilities allow us to hold extra carbon stock for our customers for quick delivery to your premises.

For quality and safety reasons, we don’t accept any used carbon until it has has been tested and approved for reactivation. To guarantee quality, all of our regenerated products are put through the same QA testing process that we use for our virgin media.You can be sure that our reactivated carbon meets all the performance levels of the original carbon and is completely safe to handle and fully effective for use.

You can reuse your own carbon after having it reactivated, become part of a carbon pool, or start fresh with virgin carbon each time.

We offer free technical advice and lab testing to ensure that you get the right product for your project specifications.
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