Activated carbon removes carbon dioxide, nitrogen, hydrogen sulfide and mercury from natural gas.

Carbon Activated Corporation supplies a complete line of high-capacity activated carbon for vapor phase and air applications.

Our activated carbon products are used to:
•    Remove unwanted compounds like hydrogen sulfide (H2S), siloxanes and volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
•    Purify gas treatment liquids to reduce foaming and corrosion, increasing the efficiency of plant operations
•    Control color and impurities in natural gas liquids (NGLs)
•    Remove carbon dioxide, nitrogen, hydrogen sulfide and elemental metals like mercury from natural gas
•    Recover solvents for reuse in industrial applications

We also manufacture a wide range of specialized impregnated carbons to enhance adsorption of H2S and other gases which are difficult to remove with standard grades.

We supply activated carbon and related services for:
•    Municipal and industrial odor control
•    Emissions from industrial plants
•    Refinery and chemical plant wastewater
•    Soil vapor extraction
•    Emissions from waste processing operations
•    Air stripper off-gas VOC removal
•    API separator vents
•    Wastewater and product storage tank vents
•    Emergency Air Quality Control
•    Tank or Sump Air Vents
•    ACI systems for mercury reduction

Clearing the air with activated carbon

Activated carbon is the safest, most efficient technology for the removal of VOCs, airborne chemicals, gaseous pollutants, and other fumes and odors in industrial, municipal or commercial applications. Activated carbon systems also have smaller footprints compared to other odor control technologies and are a cost-effective solution to meeting environmental regulations. Carbon systems are ideally suited for intermittent flow / loading applications, as carbon is immediately effective upon start up and instantaneously responds to changes in odor concentration.


Treating the effluent air stream with activated carbon has been found to be one of the best ways to remove hydrogen sulfide. Activated carbon is widely used for odor removal in municipal wastewater treatment plants using methods that agitate sewage or accumulate sludge.


Our powdered activated carbon, when injected into flue gas, reduces harmful emissions to help you meet the newer, more stringent regulations. Vapor phase activated carbon treatment removes contaminants from vapor streams in industrial, municipal or commercial applications. As the vapor stream passes through vessels containing activated carbon, volatile organic compounds are adsorbed by the media.


Our impregnated, powdered activated carbon is technologically designed to remove mercury in its gaseous form in the flue gas stream and convert it into a particulate that can be collected downstream. The distinctive pore structure of this product makes it ideal for the rapid adsorptive removal of mercury from combustion gases at many temperatures.

Find out more about EPA Mercury and Air Toxics Standards (MATS)

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