Carbon Activated Europe supplies Activated Carbon directly to biogas site operators and service providers around the UK and Europe. Sulfisorb Plus is the most popular grade for landfill biogas plants offering excellent value and performance for biogas operations.

Sulfisorb Plus offers a broad-spectrum treatment solution for elimination of:

  • Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S
  • Mercaptans
  • Volatile Organic
  • Siloxanes Compounds (VOCs)

Compounds (VOCs) * Siloxanes The supply of Sulfisorb Plus Activated Carbon to a landfill site in mainland Europe for removal of H2S, siloxanes and other undesirable impurities that were affecting the gas quality.

Carbon Activated Europe was contracted to supply replacement Activated Carbon for the filter system. In this instance, the operator was actively searching for an economic long-term solution for filter servicing after experiencing a number of cost increases in media and changeout expense. The operator had undertaken a study of activated carbon from various suppliers and determined Carbon Activated Europe’s Sulfisorb Plus to provide a superior cost to life ratio once the lifecycle and replacement costs were considered against market alternatives.

The operator was impressed and upgraded the Activated Carbon at all their European sites to Carbon Activated’s Sulfisorb Plus.