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Career opportunites awat you at Carbon Activated Corporation.

Career Opportunities

Production Manager

Develop, maintain, and implement production procedures and quality control systems, testing control measures, maintenance schedules, and operational reports relating to activated carbon production as well as carbon re-activation, crushing, and screening. Coordinate production and processing operations for optimum yield. Coordinate laboratory operations to test activated and re-generated carbon. Control the PID Loop Systems to manage the reactivation and computerized micro-processes. Approve expenditures and schedules relating to supplies, materials, and equipment to ensure resources are efficiently and effectively allocated to meet production targets. Monitor product standards by examining samples during processing to ensure finished products are of prescribed quality. Review operations schedules and production orders to analyze inventory requirements, staffing assignments, and maintenance priorities. Coordinate procedures relating to equipment maintenance and modifications utilizing knowledge of mechanical schematics. Prepare and maintain production and operational reports for management’s review. Train and evaluate staff, and submit monthly employee assessments for management’s review. Stay abreast of production trends pertaining to materials use, technological advances, and industry studies. Supervise one supervisor and seven machine operators.

Requirements: The position requires a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration plus two years of experience in the job offered or a related position in the carbon activated field. The foreign equivalent of a U.S. degree is acceptable. The position requires skills/knowledge in PID Loop Systems.

40 hours/week. Job Interview Site: Compton, CA. Email Resume to Carbon Activated Corporation: sugathk@activatedcarbon.com

Sales Representative and Change-out Service Technicians

We are looking for experienced sales and service personnel to join our full-time sales and service teams in California and other states in the United States; must be knowledgeable about activated carbon and its applications.

If you are interested, please email or fax your resume to the corporate office (applicants only; no recruiters please).

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