reach lift exchangeAn equipment no-show let us show a new client a better way.

Our Carbon Activated crew visited a new customer to do a change-out on the activated carbon. They were eager to get their system back on line as soon as possible.

Client problem:
They were using a boom crane truck to change out their activated carbon. This was a time-consuming process that required them to rent and schedule equipment from an outside company.

Our solution:
Our initial site evaluation suggested that a different method that might be more efficient, but the client was satisfied with the way they were currently doing change-outs. The first day onsite, the process took almost 5 hours.

When our team returned the second day to complete the job, the rented boom crane truck did not arrive as scheduled. With no other option, our new client was willing to try our suggestion of using our reach lift to do the job.

“We knocked that job out in about two hours!”

 The positive results:

• Our customer was able to see two different methods in action.
• The system was back online in half the time.
• Using our equipment saved the expense and inconvenience of using rental equipment
• Our team has been working together for over 10 years. We were proud to be able to use our experience to offer a solution that pleased the client.