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Getting the job done right in half the time.

An equipment no-show let us show a new client a better way. Our Carbon Activated crew visited a new customer to do a change-out on the activated carbon. They were eager to get their system back on line as soon as possible. Client problem: They were using a boom crane truck to change out their […]


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How 3 simple changes doubled throughput.

When the problem isn’t what you’re doing, but how you’re doing it. Carbon Activated Corp. was contacted by a leading HCL manufacturer in the Eastern US. They were having problems with their vessels failing. Client problem: They were using 12,000 lb vessels to remove Phenol from Concentrated HCL. When reactivation was needed, the entire array […]


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Carbon Activated Europe expands into new territories.

Biogaz Europe 2016, Nantes, France The team at Carbon Activated Europe are pleased to announce the company’s first exhibition in France. Appearing at the Biogaz Europe show in Nantes, we’re proud to offer our products and services to the established French and wider European Activated Carbon market. The sales team at CAE has grown considerably […]