tanker changeoutWhen the problem isn’t what you’re doing, but how you’re doing it.

Carbon Activated Corp. was contacted by a leading HCL manufacturer in the Eastern US. They were having problems with their vessels failing.

Client problem:
They were using 12,000 lb vessels to remove Phenol from Concentrated HCL. When reactivation was needed, the entire array of vessels was collected and driven to the reactivation site then returned and reinstalled at the manufacturer’s site. This process was very damaging to the vessels as the media would scrape up and down inside the vessel causing damage to the lining.

Our solution:
We reviewed the whole treatment system taking special note of the fact that they were treating a highly concreated acid. We would need to use a strong acid to pre-wash the carbon to ensure that it wouldn’t leach any unwanted compounds into the process stream.

We determined that changing the activated carbon in their system to our ultra pure HCL washed carbon (coconut HCL washed) and using our custom-designed 10K HCL-resistant vessels would give them a better result. By utilizing our pneumatic tankers to perform the change-out on site, we could completely eliminate the friction damage caused by transporting the vessels to a reactivation site.

• Custom designed 10K HCL resistant vessels
• Ultra pure HCL washed carbon (coconut HCL washed)
• On-site changeout

The positive results:

We shattered our their highest HCl throughput in a lead lag series ever. We got 416,000 gallons of throughput using the coconut carbon and new vessels.

The previous best was in the low 200,000’s using the coal based carbon. Not only did we double throughput, but our smaller tanks used 2000# less activated carbon per vessel than their previous setup.

“Thank you for all you guys have done in greatly improving our system and efficiency. It is greatly appreciated.”